Macs and UDP

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I've been working through the MMO example for Unity and came across a problem. I ran the server and other windows computers could connect just fine. However, macs could not connect. Everything was deployed through the web player and it mentions in one of the scripts that Macs don't like UDP in the web player. I changed useTcp to true and then no one could connect to the server and Unity spit out the error code 1023. I can't seem to figure out how to fix that since I am still very new to Photon. If I could get any help on the matter, that would be great. :D


  • in order to use tcp you need to change the port as well: 4530
  • There is no general issue with UDP on Mac or the Unity WebPlayer for Mac. We had a problem with the way we resolved URLs to IPs, so you could only use IPs to connect to (e.g. "").

    This is fixed in the v5.7.3 RC3 SDKs, available now.
    Make sure to use Client SDKs v5.7.3 and Server SDK 2.0.0 RC3 and up.
  • Awesome! Thank you for the help. I will try out the new SDKs.
  • Btw: I just uploaded v5.7.4 RC3 as there was a crash bug when closing a Unity Web Player. This is fixed and as far as I can see, iPhone and MacOsX also work as expected now.
  • Thanks for the update Tobias