PUN 1.28.3 does't find players of 1.25.2 (same app id)


I recently updated PUN+ from 1.25.2 to 1.28.3 version. i did not change any other setting. I had to give app id and choose a region in new PUN wizard. We connect players to Us region. We did not change version also in ConnectUsingSettings method.

What we have noticed that photon connects as it is but its not detecting players who are using older version of PUN (1.25.2). After joining Lobby we print Master server address. On older version it used to show (app-us.exitgamescloud.com:5055). Now for same setting it shows an IP (

Is there anything we are missing with new update.


  • That behaviour is correct. We deparate players by Game- and PUN-version.
    We can't guarantee that each PUN version writes the same messages as the others, so we separate players.
    Update more clients and they will find each other.

    Please don't post AND mail. It causes extra work.