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I'm interested to know which platforms you have supplied librarys for. I'm looking at using AirplaySDK for the graphical side and would like to be able to use same codebase for iOS, Android and Symbian. Would it be possible to use Photo client SDK in C on these platforms.



  • Hi Tim.

    We are currently offering clients for the following platforms (in () the languages available for the platform are listed):

    Android (Java)
    .NET (C#)
    Flash (Action Script)
    iPhone/iPod/iPad (C, C++, objC)
    Unity3D (C#)
    Win32 (C, C++)
    OSX (C, C++, objC)
    Brew (C, C++)
    Silverlight (C#)
    Java ME (Java)
    Java SE (Java)
    WinMobile (C, C++)

    So For iPhone you can choose between C, C++ and objC.
    For Android you only have Java as choice at the moment.
    For Symbian Photon isn't available yet, but this can change of course, if the demand is there.

    But in the past we often ported our libraries to new platforms, if some customer was interested in any not supported platform, so you could try to email us on porting the C and C++ clients to Android and Symbian: [email protected]
  • Will Photon work with Unity Android? :?:
  • We didn't test it so far but knowing the good work of the Unity team, we think it must work out of the box.
    Let us know if not, we're willing to adjust.
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