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I would like to implement photon cloud in my app, but i'm a newbie in this type of sdks, and can't find a good site to read how to start in iOS implementation. I have an app with 2 players, 1 would be the local and the other would be the online player, i would like just to have a matchmaking button and a random game maker, but i can't see how to implement the sdk in my app.

I have downloaded the sdk for iOS but i only see .h files (where are .m?? :S), im not used to it, how or witch ones i should import, do i need frameworks, should i link libraries and wich ones? (Yeah, im a noob).

Please, help me with a point to start, i learn fast and i'm sure if u help me a bit i will find the way to improove and make us of this powerfull feature.

PD: Sorry for my english!



  • Hi aramusss.

    Telling from ".m" I assume that you want to use the objC Client API.
    In this case you should add
    -lstdc++ -force_load ../../../Common-objc/lib/libCommon-objc_$(CONFIGURATION)_$(PLATFORM_NAME).a -lCommon-objc_$(CONFIGURATION)_$(PLATFORM_NAME) -lPhoton-objc_$(CONFIGURATION)_$(PLATFORM_NAME) -lLoadBalancing-objc_$(CONFIGURATION)_$(PLATFORM_NAME)
    to the other linker flags section of your project or target, add
    ../../../Common-objc/lib ../../../Photon-objc/lib ../../../LoadBalancing-objc/lib
    to the library search paths and
    ../inc ../../..
    to the header search paths of your project or target and add
    to its debug config preprocessor macros and
    to the release config one
    like demo_loadBalancing_objc does.

    After that just add
    #import "LoadBalancing-objc/inc/EGLoadBalancingClient.h"
    to the import directives of the ones among your projects source files, which need access to Photon functionality.
    You will have to change the file endings of those files from .m to .mm, to instruct Xcode to compile them as objC++ instead of as objC.
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