First joining room problem

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I have a problem with connecting to the room.
I create a room for 2 players and for about 15 seconds nobody cant join it. It reproduces only once and to reproduce it again i need to relaunch my game, but still it really annoying. When I am trying to connect, it gives me an Error( ExitGames::LoadBalancing::Client::onOperationResponse() OperationResponse - operationCode: 226, returnCode: 32765 (Game full) {} ), but i am sure that theare are only 1 player in the room.

I cant verify now, but i think it was ok before update to

iOS SDK(C++) -, Photon Cloud.

How can I check why server gives me "Game full" error?


  • Hi Alexander.

    Could you provide us with a reproduction case, please?
  • It was a problem with changing player name. Now i set player name before connect and dont change it after that and its ok.

    But i still think that its a bug. You can reproduce it by changing player name after connecting to the server and creating room.
  • Hi Alexander.

    Thanks for your update. I will have look into this topic and see if I can reproduce your issue.
  • I have tried to reproduce this with the demo, but it just works like a charm for me.

    For reproduction I have added the following line at the end of the demos createRoomReturn() implementation:
    Creating a room with one player and joining it through joinRandomRoom() with a second one still works fine after that change.
    Is there anything else that I have to do to reproduce this?
  • Reproduction case for me:
    1) Launch game
    2) Create mLoadBalancingClient(..., "Player")
    3) mLoadBalancingClient.connect() wait for STATE_CONNECTED
    4) mLoadBalancingClient.getLocalPlayer().setName(L"bla");
    5) mLoadBalancingClient.opCreateRoom(mGameID, mIsVisible, true, 2, mCustomProperties, propsListedInLobby);
    6) Try to join this room on the other device immediately. It tells me that there are only 1 player in the room(), but gives error on joining(Game full).

    To reproduce this you have to start from #1. So you need to relaunch the demo.
  • Hi again. Following your steps I still don't get an error on joining, but worse: I don't get any response on the join at all. This looks like a server issue to me and a colleague will look into it.
    Workaround for now: Either change the name before connecting (like you are currently doing) or change it after you have successfully entered a gameroom, but don't change it, when you are connected, but not in a gameroom (but i.e. in the lobby).

    In general you should only use the built-in playername property as a identifier of the client, not as a display name that is visible to the player of your game. Therefor there should normally not be any need to change the value of that playername property after initial connect.
    For example the friend list features of Photon will only work correctly, if your player names are unique and if they aren't changing.
    If you want to display a name for the player on the screen and want to make it possible to the player to change that name, then you should better use a custom property "display name" for this purpose.