Cross platform not working

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Earlier, I was able to play my game between IOS and Android. But now, the rooms created by IOS are seen only by IOS players and the ones created by Android are seen only to Anroid players, though I am using the same app id and the codes are pretty much the same.

Has there been any changes on the server side, or is there something that I need to add to my code so that the rooms are seen across multiple platforms??


  • There hasn't been any server side change.

    Make sure the application version you set when connecting is the same.
    Setting a different app version segregates your users.

  • I did check the version code, the app id and the master server address. All are the same for both versions. One question though is if I need to rebuild the photon libraries, if I change the master server address?
  • To change the master server address, you only need to recompile your game. Keep in mind that existing clients (copied, released or so) are of course not updated, so they might use other GameVersion strings or addresses.
  • Hi m9games.

    Is this issue still open or have you found the cause of your problems?

    If it is still open, then I would recommend that you verify that it works as it should with your values appID, version and cloud region when trying with the demo instead of your game and that you then track the issue down by looking at whats different between the demo and your game.

    Basically it can just be a difference between the ios and android version of your game regarding version code, app id or master server address.
    Maybe its just some copy and paste error like a missing letter or a accidentally added white space.

    You should also verify the strings for all these 3 values on both platforms at runtime for example via logging them. Maybe you have recently introduced a bug in your string handling.
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