Version of the Native Client SDKs has been released

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  • Hi,

    in the release note in the link that you sent earlier, it mentioned something about improve TCP connection under unstable wi-fi network. could u elaborate a little bit on that? also, does it affect us if we are using photon over UDP? we have been seeing lots of disconnect issue under unstable wi-fi network, so we are curious about this.

    is there a way to download previous version of client SDK? specifically AndroidNDK? I don't seem to find such link.

    also, I don't seem to find the link to download the latest server code. where can I find it? we are using server, and wonder if this client sdk is compatible. Thanks.

  • Hi Kevin.

    All Photon 3 Server an Client SDKs that have been released up to now are compatible to each other.

    We normally only keep the most recent releases in the download area and rarely keep older versions online to emphasize the use of up to date versions, but older SDKs can be provided upon request.

    Those fixed issues that you have been mentioning have only been affecting tcp.

    Here are the SDKs that you have asked for: ... ... 631-125.7z
  • Thanks,

    also could u send me the latest server sdk? Thanks!

  • The latest 3.2 one? That one should be in the download area, isn't it?
    Or the latest 3.0 one? I have already included that one in my last post.
  • I meant the latest 3.2 server SDK. I couldn't find the server SDK link, I only see the client SDK download link in

  • That is, because you have looked on the Cloud Page. The Server SDK is in the download area of the Server page:
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