Memeory Leaks on iPhone

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Hi again,
I checked my application with the Apple memory leak tool and found out, that the PhotonCommand_CreateCommand and PhotonCommand_CreateCopy calls in the photon library are making memory leaks. Maybe you can check this out?

It is happening when i set the bRun flag to true. Actually the server is offline, but maybe it is happening when the server is online too.


  • Thanks for the hint. We will definitely check it. We checked for mem leaks before but either it's changed code or it really depends on the server being down.
  • Hi Cuze.
    The reason for the leak has be found and eliminated. The fix will come with next major update of the native client sdk.
  • Hi again. The new version 6.4.0, including the fix for this leak, is now available for download.
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