What's the drawback of using PUN than plain unity client?

I think PUN is a wrapper of photon unity client. So is PUN always a better choise than use the plain one? Does it have some limitation which Unity Client don't have?


  • PUN is built on top of the "plain" API and LoadBalancing. It adds features like RPC, GameObject identifications, synchronization in intervals and all the component parts of PUN. It is a bit easier to use and better explained. If you used Unity Networking, you will feel at home with it.

    So: PUN adds convenience but also some bandwidth "baggage" and it takes away some control.

    If you are more used to plain APIs and less Unity-style component usage, or if you need more control about what exactly is sent, when and why, then our Unity SDK from the download page might be better for you.

    If you need more control over things and feel at home, you can still switch to the "plain" API from the Unity SDK.
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