Need help on a FPS web game server structure

We currently evaluate using unity and photon to make a FPS web game.
For simplicity, we want to use a unity master client for each room as a authorative game logic server.
So the final structrue will be a load balancing master server and some load balancing photon game servers(just room owner,no game logic is run on photon server) run on windows server. And many head less unity game logic server run on linux.
Because our project is on a farely early stage and we are lack of experiance in photon,So the question is does this structure workable? If not, how to do it?


  • This can run, yes. The idea to run server-side Unity instances is not completely new and can be mapped nicely to rooms. Per room, you could run a Unity instance.
    You have to take care you can manage the Unity instances and grab one per room. If it gets special tasks, in best case, the "hosted" Unity instance gets the same user-id (actornumber) in all rooms.
    Best post detail questions about this in the "Server" forum.
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