Free Cloud license with Unity Basic License

I am learning the networking aspects of Photon with Unity3d.
I downloaded the Photon Viking Demo.
I want to demonstrate a network game across the internet with the Unity basic free license.

question 1 :I read that this is a room based networking example. (Does that mean it only works for people on the same lan network?) or does it mean that rooms are set up with x number of players and newcomers join that room from right across the internet?

question 2: I also read that IOS pro and Android pro are needed for mobile use thats fine, but can I set up a publish to web (using the unity web player) which works with the Photon cloud on a Unity Basic free license. ?

many thanks for any replies.


  • Cool you're learning Photon! Hope you get along fine :)

    Answer 1: Room based is not related to a real place. It's a "match" or "game" with a low max number of players (<=32, depending on the game style). This differentiates the "rooms" from "seamless worlds" like MMO RPGs use them.

    Answer 2: We will release a PUN+ package with a low one-time price (compared to Unity licenses). Aside from PUN+, any Photon library will require Unity Pro licenses for iOS and Android exports, yes. This is due to using Unity's C# sockets in most cases.
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