iOS Photon Cloud OnLeftRoom on old devices

We've got OnLeftRoom event on old devices after loading actual game scene (first person shooter level)
This occurs only on iPod Touch 4g (2010) and iPhone 4.
On newer devices this never happens.
We successfully tried to reduce memory consumption (memory consumption reduces significantly), but nothing changes.
How should we debug and fix this?
Are there any standard behaviours in Photon that can causes OnLeftRoom on old devices? (may be slow network module, or other timeouts, or something else)


  • It could be due to a timeout (client- or server-side). Loading might take longer on older devices, which might explain this.
    The latest PUN version has a new mechanism to call the related methods even while loading (in a separate thread). This might help.
    In the older versions you can use isMessageQueueRunning = false, to hibernate PUN while loading assets. Don't forget to re-enable it.
  • Thank you
    Can you point me to API and documentation of this new mechanism (with separate thread)?
    How should I update my PUN? Should I update it through AssetsStore?

    We tried to use isMessageQueue running with no result.
  • I founf tihs version and update my project to it.
    I will try to run on device now.
    Thank you again
  • With updated version of PUN plugin, all works fine.
    There are no disconnects when loading large maps on all devices (including iPod 4G) .
    Thank you Photon Team:)
  • Thanks for letting us know! Glad we could make this work as expected.
    Let us know when you release your game!
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