TrueSync Libraries

I was going to use TrueSync awhile ago and it turned out that I ended up not using the library because non physics based libraries were not implemented.(e.g. RotateTowards, MoveTowards, DifferenceBetweenAngles, (and ToEuler was broken)) I spent a lot of time figuring out these problems but it made me worry that most of my time was going to spent implementing things that are already done in the main Unity Utils. So I was curious if there was any work towards making the TS classes match the APIs of Unity classes?

Thank you.


  • Hi @Zergleb, it always our target match the Unity's API as possible as we can, some features are easier others are a little bit tricky as we change physics and use fixed point math. For now we are focusing on improve the TrueSync's core, because of that we decided to open source the physics code. We are not working to support open source TS classes at this very moment.