Seeing disconnects with 1040 error code


I've emailed [email protected] many times with not much response on the matter and I've done as thorough an investigation as I can into this but I'm still yet to find a solution.

By simply being connected to the EU master server (note I haven't tried any other master servers as EU receives the best ping) after a random amount of time clients will be disconnected with the 1040 error code.

First it was due to the max retry count being exceeded so I decided to increase that value from 5 to 50 to see if it made any difference. Once I did that the max retry time was being reached at 10s. I then changed that value to 120 seconds. That time was still being reached and the clients were being disconnected after 2 minutes.

I should note there are no events or messages being sent using opRaiseEvent() and there are no rooms created when this happens so how can the max retry count and time be exceeded if I'm not sending any reliable messages to the cloud? I've tried calling service() in many different ranges from 30 times a second to 60 times a second with no change.

Any help here would be great!


  • I am sorry you didn't get the answers you needed via [email protected] I am going to read your many mails and will try to figure out a solution. However, some things need time.

    I will reply in mail to not scatter this topic across various threads.
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