Need Visual Studio 2010 (v100) Library

Hi Photon Team,

I update Lib ver from "4-0-3-2" to "4-1-6-0" and I got this error
error LNK2038: mismatch detected for '_MSC_VER': value '1700' doesn't match value '1600' in Ability.obj C:\LynxSystemPVP\QubotWar\dev\proj\win32\Common-cpp_debug_windows_md_Win32.lib(JString.obj) QubotWar

Our project is an old project since 2014?(maybe more older), we use many 3rd-party library with Visual Studio 2010 and CANNOT update. :'(

Can you provide new library support Visual Studio 2010 (v100) ?

Or We CAN still use "4-0-3-2" and use it is ok?

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi @Owen.

    We have dropped support fro VS2010 in at the beginning of 2016. is the latest version that still supports VS1010.
    The currently supported versions are VS2012 (VC11), VS2013 (VC12) and VS2015 (VC14).

    I am afraid that is is not possible to support VS2010 any longer, as starting with the Client SDK relies on C++ 11 features that are not supported by Visual Studio versions older than VS2012.

    By now VS2017 is out and VS2010 is 7 years and 4 major versions behind.

    We just have to drop support for older compilers at some point when they just get too outdated, if we ever want to be able to use modern language features.

    Or We CAN still use "4-0-3-2" and use it is ok? is the first version with full IPv6 support. This is currently not critical for Windows Desktop, only for mobile OS (especially iOS), but using an older version on Windows means that you could not use the exact identical code for Photon there like on mobile platforms because of API differences between versions. has been released about 2 years ago, so by staying on it you of course abstain from all the bug fixes of the last 2 years.

    If this is OK for you, then yes, you could stay on for now. The Cloud and the latest Server SDK are still compatible to all clients back to This way of course you will miss all the new features that have been added since.
  • Hi Kaiserludi .

    Thank you! IPv6 support is very impotent!.

    If On Windows use v4.0.3.2 . On iOS and Android use v4.1.0.0+. Can Apps with different version lib connect to each other?
  • Hi @Owen.

    Yes, clients with different client versions can see each other and enter the same game rooms.
    For clients to be able to see each other on Photon Cloud their appIDs, their appVersions and the region to which they connect must match (on Photon Server appID and appVersion get ignored and multiple regions aren't supported yet). As long as that is the case all clients are able to play against each other, no matter the client platform or the client version.

    However as I have mentioend before, when using different versions fro different platforms, you will need to add some ifdefs to the codebase to reflect API-differences between versions.

    You might want to consider updating the Windows clients at least to to, the latest version with VS2010 support.
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