The moving object is dragged back when there is a high latency

photon truesync demo from joeyxiong on Vimeo.

I simulate a high ping of 370, the left is local controlled, the right is simulation, so you can see the moving object is dragged back, it's not natural. use these parameters:
syncwindow: 3
locked step time:0.02


  • Hello @joeyxiong, it is probably because of the rollback window, it is quite a few frames to resimulate everytime you do a change in inputs, can you try to test a smaller rollback window?

  • 20170510_094001 from joeyxiong on Vimeo.

    Changed the parameters, still have the problems, and the moving bullet is not smooth.
  • Humm I see @joeyxiong, as your ping is too high the simulation of TrueSync can be accomplished fast, because you need the input of all players to simulate one frame, if you take a look you will se a lot of missed frames (a missed frame is a frame where not all inputs arrive at time). For the first problem you related can you try to test with no rollback? you increase your sync window and set 0 to your rollback, just to take a look how will be the results.
  • Yes, increase sync window and set 0 to rollback will solve the problem,but the response to the player will very slow. I just want to discover if there is a good way to solve the high latency. May be l i can try separate the logic and render, render first locally when player input, compensate when all inputs arrived, the logic include lockstep logic and physics, the render side just present, no need rollback.
  • You can try that @joeyxiong, but you have to remember that a simulation must be deterministic, so each approach you do locally that affects gameplay should run on the remote machines.