About the physics engine and development

Hi guys,

We are working on a Sport-Multiplayer game and we need to get the physics workings perfectly to get the game to behave as expected.

We are experiencing some issues with Jitter, like colliders that are too big having issues with the ray casts, we cant create physic character controllers, an things that end up being core for our product.

We need to know if there is someone or a community working around Jitter to talk to or try to get the code to solve this issues on our side, also, will you guys keep doing fixes and improvements to the physics engine?
One more!, will the lockstep code be released as open source for us to check and see if we can tweak a few things here and there??

It would be much appreciated if you can tell us about this topics as they are critical for the path of our product, if all this things wont happen, we will need to move to another approach and we will need to do it fast.

We love working with Photon and Truesync as we have been doing since the Atmosphir days back in 2007, we have a really good relationship with Christoph and we keept using all the pipeline in many projects so it would definitely be a plus for us to keep it going with you guys :)

Let us know.

Monster League team :)



  • Hi @Fortunacio, it is nice you are using Photon for some much time. Unfortunately, we are not focusing anymore to handle physics issue, we are working now to make the core better so anyone can use in a custom approach. Jitter it is good but it has a lot of problems, we faced a lot and you are facing too, I suggest you to move to another approach like Photon Bolt as there is no development front over the physics engine. Reply us anything, thanks for the report.