How can i start lockstep without using PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel?

I've been developed game with unity for 5 years, but I'm newbie to photonNetwork so bare with me.
My game has fair amount of UI in Canvas. And those UI's are attached and destroyed separately when its needed or not.
So I preffered to use just one scene. Because it's really annoying when dealing UI in multiple scene, I have to create Canvas everytime when I make a new scene.

Is there a way I can start syncing with some function like PhotonNetwork.StartSync()?
Because I dont need some extra Scene for gameplay.


  • JeffersonHenrique
    Hello @SunnyKim, you can start TrueSyncManager gameobject disabled and in the moment you need it you can enable. You should use some similar logic of Menu.cs to send RPCs to all clients to do the same (instead of LoadLevel do a enabling).