Players viewed jumping even when standing still

I am trying to apply the "PUN Basics Tutorial" to my game characters.
when i play with more then one player the players witch are not mine seems like they are jumping up and down even when they are not moving at all, by printing the velocity i discover that even when standing still there is a micro movement but it is not visible if your are the player only when viewing remote players it look like a very big movement.
those micro movements does not happen when testing without photon, i looks like photon is moving my players slightly up and than gravity is moving them back down making these micro jumps.
how can i fix this?

link to video of what is happening:


  • I've experienced this same exact thing, except when the player jumps, on the other screen the player just kinda goes up and down till the hit the ground again.

    If you've figured it out, I would love to know how!