First Photon Server tutorial

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Hi all,

I made a word doc with all the steps I can remember when I was trying to add rotation values to the MmoDemo.
When you open the word doc you will see which versions of the server and of the Client I was using.

A few warnings:
Sorry about some spelling errors
Sorry if I forgot to mention something, there is more to it for such a simple task of adding a rotation than I would imagine.

My intention with this tutorial is to help new users to, obviously, add the rotation functionality and to try to understand better the basic workflow : client-to-server then server-to-client.

I think it would be nice if more people working with the server could do something similar and post here something they added or changed that may be helpful to others.

NEW Download link: ... torial.doc

... Lol I forgot I have webhosting, thanks for remembering me dreamora :lol:

I have made a post on my blog to host the tutorial here: