TrueSync 3D objects Collision with CollisionSystemPersistentSAP Not Working

Hi all!

Been playing around with TrueSync a good while now, and was trying to create a ground to which some cubes can fall onto.

After setting up the ground (w/ TSBoxCollider) and some cubes (again w/ TSBoxCollider), I froze the ground's position and rotation, disabled gravity for it and let the simulation begins! To my horror, the cubes are falling right through the ground.

I tried enabling the collision from the layer matrix settings inside TrueSyncGlobalConfig, and still the cubes are falling right through.

After a few breakpoints here and there, I tried to change the default collision system from PersistentSAP to just the regular SAP. And then the collision callback is finally called, though the cubes are still falling through.

Lastly I tried removing TSRigidBody from the ground component, and finally, the cubes fall like they should.

However, I'm unsure that this is the correct way to set up environment colliders in TrueSync. Could someone chime in as how they did it?

I'm using Unity 5.6.0.f3 and TrueSync version 1.1.0



  • After dabbling a bit more into TrueSync, seems like setting the isKinematic boolean to true, will allow you to have collisions with TSRigidBody with constraints set.

    This is a working workaround so far without the need to changing the included Jitter Physics code.
    Though it would be helpful to know whether this is indeed the way to go.

  • Hello @RGKen, if you disable gravity the cubes should not fall down, it is really strange. Now we have our focus set to core things on TrueSync, but we will note down this issue.
  • I didn't actually disable gravity for the falling cubes, but I did disable gravity for the ground (with a TSBoxCollider) and the falling cubes fell right through.
  • Humm I got it RGKen, it will help to reproduce your case.