Namespace conflict with WWise: ErrorCode

I am trying to integrate both WWise and Photo into the same Unity project.

However, both use the global namespace class 'ErrorCode' - could this be safely moved into the Photon namespace?


  • Hi @Xelnath,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    In PUN 1.82 we added the optional namespace for PUN scripts:

    Added: Optional Namespace usage for all of PUN. There is an option in the PhotonServerSettings inspector to enable it by setting a compile define. Be aware that you will get a lot of errors when you enable this. All of those can be fixed by using the namespace: ExitGames.Client.Photon
  • Thank you, John!
  • This option has seemed to disappear from PUN 1.87. Where did it go? I am still getting Wwise integration problems. I have so far changed ErrorCode to LoadBalancingErrorCode in your code to try and get it to work.
  • Hi @khiggins,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What Unity version do you use?
  • Hi,
    I'm encountering the same problem that @khiggins had,

    The same WWise integration problems, and the option mention in the PhotonServerSettings inspector is nowhere to be found, where is it? :(

    I'm using PUN 1.87 with Unity 2017.1.0f3.
  • I was sick a few days, so my input is a bit late:

    We removed the optional namespaces from PUN, due to compilation problems across Unity versions. With those, the feature caused more issues than it solved.

    We are preparing a 2.0 version of PUN, which has namespaces for everything. This should be integrated in Voice quickly to resolve your issues.
  • Hi Tobias, thanks for the answer!
    Is there a release date already planned for this version?
  • Hi,

    It's coming on the new few days ( it will be in beta for a while though)


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