Is Photon cloud analytics working right now?

I have subscribed to two 600 CCU plans and two 20 CCU plans. Till a couple of days back, I used to see a decent activity in the dashboard something like 300 peak CCU for previous month and 400 peak CCU for current month.

I am unable to view any data in the dashboard right now. All the applications show up with all CCUs being defaulted to 0. When I try to click "Analyze" button for any of my app, I see this message : "Connect your app at least once to the Photon Cloud to get analytics data."

I was getting all the data correctly till a few days back. Please help!


  • Huh....Looks like a glitch. Got me scared for sometime. Everything seems fine now. I see my CCUs.
  • Hi,
    yes, we just did an update on our sites. This was a short display issue. Also check Twitter.
    Sorry for the confusion.
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