Photon Voice not working on Android (Daydream)


we are using Photon Voice with Unity 5.60f3 and Daydream. It doesn't matter what we set the API Level to, the Photon Voice recorder is not working from Daydream devices. Android users can hear other devices through Photon Voice (iOS, PC), but they cannot hear us. We have tried changing the Android Manifest to include Internet and Record Audio but it is not working?


  • Hi @fiixed,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Could you please send us the logs from the Daydream so we could investigate this issue?
  • I worked it out. You need to add the permission RECORD_AUDIO either manually in Android settings to your app, or setup a request permissions UI in-game. Daydream has a UX flow where you can't ask for permissions to the user as the app loads.
  • thanks for posting back.
    I'm glad you managed to make it work.
    we will update this Known Issues section then.
  • Hi @fiixed,

    I could not find something specific to Daydream marshmallow permissions issues on the internet.
    So how did you manage to solve it yourself?
    A custom Android plugin that handles permissions?
    I do not think manually adding the permission to the manifest file does help.
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