Photon Voice on LAN ?

Hello, I have a problem. I downloaded the unity Photon Voice asset, which works fine elsewhere, but it uses the cloud. But I want to use it in LAN. I downloaded the server (, I launched it, and I used the ConnectToMaster function instead of ConnectUsingSettings. Obviously it connects, nevertheless, the sound of the voice does not seem to be transmitted, what to do? Thank you very much for your help


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited April 2017
    Hi @Hantlowt,

    Thank you for choosing Photon and I apologize about the delay I've missed this.

    So what PUNVoice version are you using?
    Obviously it connects

    How can you be so sure?
    Did you try the demo scenes?
    Any Unity console logs?
    Can you give us a screenshot of your PhotonServerSettings?
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