Unity 5.6 Facebook Platform troubleshoots and tips

Hi Everyone,

So in an attempt to verify that PUN was working fine with the new up coming Facebook platform on Unity 5.6 I struggled big time :) and thanks to the Unity dev people, I could progress, so I am sharing my findings here in case you want to try it also, and avoid waisting too much time with this...

------ In Facebook developer site

- When you create your App on Facebook developer dashboard, make sure you select "Game" in the category, this is the only category that will give you access to "WebHosting" product.

- You need to create a test version of your app to proceed with debugging and sandbox testing

- In your test version settings, add a new platform "Facebook WebGames"
- turn "Webgl" and "Simple Application hosting" option on

- In your test version, add a new product "Webhosting"

------ In Unity 5.6

- Select the Facebook Platform in the Build Settings Window
- Select "WebGL" as the target platform
- Check on "Package Build for Uploading"

- Get the app id from the Facebook developer side and paste it in the Unity Player Settings/Publishing Settings
- Get the "Upload access token" from the "Webhosting" product on the Facebook developer site and paste it in the Unity Player Settings/Publishing Settings
- Build your application in Unity
- in the Build Settings, click on "upload last build to Facebook"

------ In Facebook developer site
- go to your "Facebook WebGames" platform
- Click on "Quick Start" button
- scroll down
- make sure "Simple Asset Hosting" is on
- You should see your build in the list of uploaded bundles
- Mouse over the the status column of your uploaded asset, click on the star to "Stage for test"
- click next, next until you have "Open your app" button and click on it

Your game should load up !! If you have managed to succeed in one go, if you are a true genius!

If you did not and can't get it to work, post your issues below, and/or get in touch with Unity on the dev forum https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/facebook-upload-last-build-on-facebook-where-do-i-get-the-upload-access-token.462138/#post-3005116

Man did I struggle with this :)

there are some docs, but I could never find all these small, twisted and weird steps clearly explained, but of course, it's important to read it as well.