Move framework code to Plugins folder?

Hey ya'll.

Thoughts on moving framework code to the plugins folder? Photon Unity Networking and TrueSync folders can both live inside the Plugins folder.

It is fairly straightforward to do, and the errors it causes are pretty easy to fix - move those 2 folders to the plugins folder, and move the ReplayUtils scripts into the plugins folder too. TrueSyncManager (Now in Plugins) complains that the ReplayPicker script (Not in plugins) doesn't exist. Easy to resolve.

I suggest this because of 2 reasons:

1) Opensource is awesome, but it is really increasing compile times and slowing down our IDE's. Having the majority of the code in the plugins folder would decrease compile times and make the IDE more responsive.
2) If everything is in the plugins folder, it is possible to replace the source code with precompiled libraries. Again, opensource is awesome and I think everything should be kept opensource but it would be nice to give the user an option between a precompiled version of TrueSync, or they could grab the source from GitHub (when you guys eventually create your GitHub repo). Having access to the fixed point code or the 3d/2d physics code is nice when problems come up, but otherwise I do not want to waste compiling them every time I make a change to the game. :)


  • Kreso
    Hey @Prodigga
    I understand how you feel!
    I moved all TrueSync code to Standard Assets folder to skip recompile.
    Then I moved the 3 files from Demo folder to TrueSync/Unity, where I thought they should go.

    On updating package, Unity now properly links file and updates/overwritten ones, even if I change original location.

    I actually put all my plugins etc into Standard Assets.

    Hope that helps,
  • JeffersonHenrique
    Hi @Prodigga and @Kreso, thanks for your feedbacks, it is a very feasible idea that we can adjust in next releases.