im using the default example with the construction builder,

ive opened my ports, ive changed the server ip to mine in every single possible place(documented)

i start the game on my local computer and it works fine with many connections, now the problem when i try to connect with a local laptop, it sees the game room.. but when i click connect to the game
it simply just sits at "connecting"



  • The server you are running is configured to send the "local IP" as gameserver address. This doesn't work when your clients are running on a separate machine. When the clients try to connect to the gameserver on the local IP, they won't find a gameserver there...

    This should help you:
  • yes ive done all that.. it was a bit obvious after a few fails,

    i do a room list, but when i try to connect it just sits at connecting.. i tried the bootcamp demo and it worked perfectly on different machine, i tried the same process on this demo and it didnt work, any reason why?
  • I guess I know your issue now:

    Bootcamp and Photon Unity Networking (PUN) use two completely different connection workflows.

    Bootcamp: Connects with a gameserver and opens rooms right away on it.
    PUN: Connects with a master, opens a room and in return gets told which gameserver to use to open this room. PUN disconnects from master and reconnects to the gameserver to open that room there. When leaving the room, PUN will re-connect to the master.

    Both workflows require a fitting server logic. Bootcamp can be used with "Instance1" (which still has a bad naming) and PUN requires you to run "InstanceLoadbalancing".

    Make sure you start the fitting server logic for either demo.