No concept of 'local space' TSTransform, makes TScollider 'centre' offset incorrect when rotated

Hey there

There is no concept of local space. It sometimes helps to work in 'local space', then convert the coordinate to 'world space' for later use. For example, if I want to get a position that is 2 units to the left, and 2 units up, all relative to my object, I could do this:

var localVec = transform.localPosition + Vector3.left*2 + Vector3.up*3;
return transform.TransformPoint(localVec );

This will give me the world position of the coordinate that is 2x left + 2x up of the object in that objects local space.

It seems like you guys ran in to this issue also - there is a 'center' offset for TSColliders. The Unity Collider offsets the collider in local space, which makes sense. but the TSCollider offsets in world space, which doesn't make much sense. Here is TSCollider vs Collider, Center = (0,3,0).


  • JeffersonHenrique
    Yeah, we don't have this concept implement yet, which give us issues like this one. We have a lot of issues with physics, mainly the 3D engine as you probably noticed :/.
  • Prodigga
    Yeah, but thankfully it is all small issues. Overall the physics is a-ok. I've implemented my own physics wheel collider. It is really simple. You can adjust the wheel colliders spring values and attach 4 to a cube to have a cool bouncy car. There is a lot of "physics happening" with 2 players, 8 springs, 2 controllable box colliders, but there games are always in sync between the clients. So the engine does do what it needs to do well!