OnSyncedTriggerExit is never called

I have a box with a rigidbody attached. It has a box collider that is set to trigger.

The box receives OnSyncedTriggerEnter events, but it never receives OnSyncedTriggerExit event.

I have tried:

Box against GO with collider.
Box against GO with collider + kinematic rigidbody
Box against GO with collider (Trigger)
Box against GO with collider + set to static.

None of it worked.


  • It seems like if I create a cube and let it fall, OnSyncedTriggerExit does not get called. But if I apply forces/torque to the cube, OnSyncedTriggerExit does get called.

    So just create a cube with a rigidbody, box collider (trigger), and a behaviour that implements OnSyncedTriggerExit, place it above a floor box collider. Play the game and observe that the OnSyncedTriggerEnter is called, but OnSyncedTriggerExit is not called when the cube exits out the other side.
  • I can get OnSyncedTriggerExit to work in scenario above if I do this OnSyncedUpdate: tsRigidBody.AddForce(TSVector.one);

  • Humm I will note this issue to be checked, but for now we are focusing on core TrueSync stuff.
  • That's cool. Not expecting solutions right away, just documenting issues, so don't feel too pressured.