Lag problem

With some friend we are creating an online game (tps) on network using Photon + Unity3D and we got some problem.

To deal with move we make like this:

1. A client Ask the server if he can move by sending an operation (OpCustom) with h & v (move vector)
2. If the client is allowed to move the server Broadcast an event move to all player in the room including the asker.
3. The client catch the event and make the object move.

Everything work (chat/target/move) execpt that we have a lot of lag while moving. (client run around 70fps && ping is around 10/50ms)

Anyone got some issue like this ? I can add more précision if you need. Some told me to reduce fps in the client but it doesn't seems to work. (got some problem to specify fps max in unity).

Is there somethings that we forgot on client or server side ?

Thanks -)