TrueSync Automatic Replay: Empty Json Object on ReplayRecordSave

I'm trying to launch demo Lock.IO form truesync unity assets examples (C#). I've changed
ReplayRecord.replayMode = ReplayMode.RECORD_REPLAY;
and file load/save functionality seems to work, but I get empty json object string in ReplayUtils.SaveRecord, so the .tsr file look like this:

Maybe it related to JsonUtility issue with encoding List
Note that while it is possible to pass primitive types to this method, the results may not be what you expect; instead of serializing them directly, the method will attempt to serialize their public instance fields, producing an empty object as a result.

ReplayRecord is fully encapsulated, so I can't make any workaround.



  • Hi @astolbov, we get the same issue when we tested on Unity 5.5+. The same code works fine with Unity 5.3.6. We noticed that a empty json was generated, so in the next release we decided to change the serialization to a bytearray approach, so we don't need to be based on json anymore. Thanks.
  • Just tested the same code on unity 5.5.2.p1 and it works again
  • One more question, are you going to make optimization for replay data, maybe skip some ticks if no input detected?
  • Hi @astolbov, as we are moving to a bytearray approach we have a lot of space to optimizations, the replay data can be reduced a lot in next releases.