How does matchmaking work in the photon cloud?

Since trying to understand Photon, I came across a curious conundrum. In server hosted games, when a player wants to find a match to join, he searches for one and the server finds a group of people interested in playing a match, that are around the same level (skill or whatever) as the our player.
As I understand it, Photon Cloud (Realtime in my case), does not do so. Instead, it would require one client to host a match (in this case just create a room using Photon Cloud) and others would find it. is this correct? If this is correct, how does matchmaking work in this case? If not, why would there be a need for a master client?


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  • @JohnTube Thanks for the infomation. I read it already and reread it after posting the question and realized that my assumption about how matchmaking worked in the Photon Cloud was wrong.

    @Kaiserludi Thanks for explaining that to me. The master client thing was going to trip me down the road since I assumed it was the client which had to create the room.

    Again, thak you both! :)
  • Hi @CASBraga.

    Well, the current master client is implementation assigns master client status to the client with the lowest playerNumber among those clients who are still inside the room. PlayerNumbers get assigned in the order in which the clients enter the room and the room creator of course is always the first client that has entered a room. So as long as the room creator is still in the room it is indeed the master client, but this simply does not have to do anything with matchmaking.
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