What is the best way to utilize multiple sphere colliders on an object?

I'm working on a 3D game with tanks and would like to use four sphere colliders as wheel positions. Since the TSRigidBody seems to only work with one collider per object I've tried creating a gameobject for each collider, but the parent ignores them. Is there a way for me to use child gameobjects to support a parent gameobject?


  • Hi @OuterRimSam, as you noticed we don't have an official support for multiple colliders in the same body, currently what we do is to create a constraint between the parent body and the children, so a child collider will always keep the same distance from the parent. For example, if you set a car body in the middle as a box collider and put four wheel (sphere colliders) they will keep the same structure all the time, but a hit on the wheel will not influences the car's position, this will happen only if you change the central (parent) box collider. Sadly this is not an interesting behaviour to build a car/tank, a support for multiple colliders will be addressed in next releases.