Animator Root Motion with TrueSync?

Starting using TrueSync because of the rollback functionality, and so far I'm liking it; however, I'm using an Animator that controls root motion. I decided to use a playable so that I can sync the time between players, so, at least as far I can tell, the frames seem to sync pretty well and are fixed with rollback; however, because I'm using TSTransform and TSRigidbody, the character won't change their root position when I animate them.
I tried setting the velocity of the TSRigidBody to the animator.velocity value; however, that results in a checksum issue, which makes sense.
Should I be using the PhotonAnimatorViewer or is there some other solution I'm missing?


  • Hi @mattrified, unfortunately for this version of TrueSync we don't support explicity changes in an animator, the use of PhotonAnimatorViewer could lead to a desync too.
  • Okay, at least I know I'm not missing anything obvious. Are there any plans to add such a feature in the future?
    At the moment, using Playables and then tracking an integer frame seems to work fine except for root motion, but this isn't insurmountable; there are ways around it.
  • Hi @mattrified, we plan to support some kind of synchronization with animators in the future, but I don't have an ETA for that. Thanks for your report.