Max Players per Channel?


On the "Pricing" page, the max amount of players per channel seems to be 10, with one update every second, before it exceeds the 100 msg/s limit.

But usually the players won't write a message every second and most of them will be idle.
So in theory, can we have 20 players and only 5 of them sending messages every second and still be below the 100 msg/s limit? 5x20x1?
And then i would need to add a cap to the amount of messages a player can send? So if too many messages were sent in the last x seconds, the player needs to wait until he can send more?

What max player count is actually possible?
For a chat room, 10-20 still feels quite low...


  • Hi, Lizzard4000

    there is no limit for users count

  • So you tell me i should ignore the "Up to 100 messages per second and channel are allowed" part and just allow as many players as i want?
  • JohnTube
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    Hi @Lizzard4000,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    As @chvetsov mentioned there is no limit for the number of subscribers per a channel and there is no limit of total chat users per app.

    I do not understand your concern. The 100msg/s per channel should be enough to have 100 subscribers send a message every second inside a channel.
  • Thanks for the answer @JohnTube !

    I'm a bit confused, because if i set the "Players per Channel" to 100 and "Messages per Player & Second" to 1, i get a result of 10,000 "Total per Second & Channel", on the pricing page.

    But if you tell me that 100 players in one room is not too much then i'm relieved : )
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    Hi @Lizzard4000,

    after posting on the other discussion here I found out that I was indeed wrong in the comment above.

    Here is how to count messages in chat (applies to both public and private channels):

    # msgs / second / channel = N * X * (N + 1)

    N = # subscribers inside the channel
    X = # msgs per subscriber per second

    for private channels, N = 2

    so for
    N = 100
    X = 1
    ==> 10100