Possible that SyncedDestroy de-syncs game?

I have this method 'BallTouched', and if I uncomment line 1 game will work fine, stay synchronized.
If I uncomment line 2, game will go out of sync.
 public override void BallTouched(BallController ball) {
        Debug.Log("BallTouched triggered.", ball.gameObject);

        // line 1: // ball.tsRigidBody.position = new TSVector2(ball.tsRigidBody.position.x, ball.tsRigidBody.position.y+(FP)1);
        // line 2: // TrueSyncManager.SyncedDestroy(ball.gameObject);
The method is called from inside 'OnSyncedTriggerEnter', and nothing else is done or called from that method (before or after 'BallTouched' method.