Offline mode vs TrueSync mode

Would it be possible to make TrueSync work even though only 1 player is connected to Photon?

Right now, if one player connects to Photon he will be online but TrueSync features don't kick in (waiting for input etc).
I think it would help with debugging different network capabilities, if player would wait for input from the server etc, even though it's only him.

Also, it would help while developing true offline (single player experience).
'Offline' feature would still work - when player is indeed not connected to Photon (really offline).

Would you consider changing this functionality?


  • Hi @Kreso, do you mean allow 1 player when other player on a online game gets dropped?
  • Kreso
    edited February 2017
    Hi @JeffersonHenrique, I meant more like 1 player playing a single player game, but while being connected to server (thus waiting for his own input to come back, reacting to ping, sync window, rollback etc...).

    The scenario I have on mind is when testing and debugging (with ping/delay, input delay, sync window etc...). So I don't have to make a build/run a second client each time I want to test something.

    Do you think that's possible?

  • Hi @Kreso, yes, I think is possible, I had this idea some time ago also to run a few fast tests on single player mode. However it is a feature that we still are going to discuss about it.