Photon Realtime Sync Help

Unity using Photon LoadBalancingClient/ Photon Realtime
How can I sync to the other client the actions that I do:
For example: There is a Image and Button . If I clicked the Button the Image will disappear
and it should sync to the other players that the Image is disappeared


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited February 2017
    Hi @roeloppa,

    Thank you for choosing Photon.
    You should be able to call OpRaiseEvent to exchange custom events between clients.
    Also you can update room and player properties using SetProperties and this will be broadcast to all clients.
    If you use PUN, there are other ways to do this.
  • Thank you for answering Sir @JohnTube . Anyways sir if I have to use PUN? What should be the things that I could do?
    For example I only have 1 cube in the Scene, and I want is if other player connects in into your Room if the first player can control the cube ,then theone who joins can do it too.
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