Players cant join later

if a room already in gamestate and a player join the game , every actor will appaer but all have the same owner.


  • Hi @nkcreativedl, for now we don't support a later player join, but it is a task on our internal roadmap.
  • Is it possible to create such a feature using the local unity code? I tried writing my own add player call, but it caused internal errors where it tried to call functions but they didn't work.
  • Hi @Xelnath, current implemenation of TrueSync's internal lockstep manager doesn't allow that, we need all players already connected to manage its inputs and sync the game correctly between all of them. A late join requires a more complex effort to make the game simulation feels exatcly equals for the old players and the new player joining.
  • Is there another package which support this?
  • Hi @Xelnath, I don't remember one now if it exists, sorry about it.
  • Hi There,
    I have same issues, my game starts with a single player but the other players can join the same room later.
    The states of all the player are getting synched properly but the enemies that are being created by the master as instantiatedsceneobjects are not getting synch. Only the enemies that are created within the presence of player are visible other pre-created enemies are not on scene.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi @squattingMonkeys, unfortunately TrueSync doesn't support a later player joining the simulation, you must have all players connected before start to run the game.
  • Then can I make AI players when starting game?