Making PhotonVoice work with Oculus Lip Sync

edited February 2017 in Photon Voice
Hi! I posted already about this yesterday ( but got no reply.

I am struggling to make OVRLipSync ( work with Photon Voice. OVRLipSync works perfectly when I use it on a AudioClip I play on an AudioSource but when the AudioSource plays voice transmitted via a PhotonVoiceSpeaker, it stops working. It seems to understand there is sound because the analysis of sound is triggered but it doesn't seem to make sense of the sound: the only output I get is the "silence" viseme (i.e. after analysis it deducts there is no sound...). It is impossible to understand what's happening on Oculus side because it's all in DLLs but does someone know if there is a way to resolve this on Photon's side?

Thank you!


  • Found the issue... I was being a real retard and had OVRLipSync on the object that was mine (i.e. PhotonView.isMine as true) instead of my interlocutors'... Now it works!
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