PUN or Thunder?

Hi there,
I'm once again starting prototyping on a project. I've looked into UNET but noticed there is still(!) no real support and documentation. Also some people trying hard to use UNET switched to Photon. I had a look at Photon a few years ago. Now I read 2 hours about products (http://blog.photonengine.com/2016/09/choose-the-right-photon-product-1/) and some of the latest blog posts.

I really liked this post (http://blog.photonengine.com/2017/01/dev-story-tanks-multiplayer/) and think I'll go with PUN now and buy their reference project to check it out and compare the two systems.
However I saw the new Photon Thunder and ask myself if that is a better option than PUN? I think Thunder is there to solve issues with UNET, but still use the UNET. While PUN replaces UNET completely, right? So then PUN is the way to go for me.



  • Thunder currently just replaces the LLAPI of uNet and keeps the HLAPI completely intact. It's too early to say if we can fix issues in the HLAPI, as Unity is still actively working on it and it will change quite a bit before it settles in.
    Thunder makes most sense when you got a uNet project for which you could use another networking implementation.
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