Disconnect when checking a text!

I'm testing out my game by clicking build & run in unity (which runs on my android) and then I run the game in unity. It shows 2 players connected and my movements show up on my android and my PC. But then I checked a text and the players on my Unity screen went to 1 and I couldn't get the game to show my movement on android any longer. So I'm wondering can we reconnect the game and run missed inputs on reconnect?


  • Zergleb
    edited January 2017
    I raised the panic window to 10000 and now it takes 10000 ticks to d/c. Sorry for misunderstanding what was happening at first.

    This leaves 2 questions (I did try to see how the truesync stats does this but it's inside the dll)

    1. Where can I see a missed frames begin/end event so I can pause the other game animations so when the simulation pauses I can pause particle animations and some other animated decorations.

    2. Is there a problem with leaving a panic window this large? I'm guessing since it pauses the game for everyone rather than just the guy who leaves that we aren't sending the last 10000 inputs.

  • Hi @Zergleb, I didn't follow what you mean by "checked a text", do you a have a GUI interface over the screen?

    About your questions:
    1. We don't have those callbacks, but it is an interesting feature to be included.
    2. Yes, there is a problem. When we don't receive other players inputs we wait N (panic window) frames before drop him, suppose the other player has disconnected from the network, the players will wait for 10000 frames in vain. If a player reaches the panic window it is because he doesn't have a good connection for the configuration you set (sync window + rollback window).
  • Oh I'm sorry what I meant by check a text is I'm running it on android and inside unity at the same time to test the networking. So I build the game on android run it then I run the game on unity and the networking works great but then I checked a text(On the android so I got a text from someone and went to look at it and reply) and when I got back I was disconnected. I guess I imagined the game would run without me. I guess by running the simulation steps that you missed when you come back.
  • I guess if truesync allowed catch ups there would be a question of what do you do when you get an input 10000 ticks late(Seems like a clear ignore the input situation). But without a callback I think it would be hard to create a mobile game as most people would assume you can check your texts while re-spawning. So at the very least I need a way to display lag.
  • I understand your point @Zergleb, we are working on TrueSync where you have to be "online" all the time, if you miss sending inputs you will be disconnected. Another thing to keep in mind is that a resimulation of a great amount of frames is heavy because you have to resync again with other players, it is like a big rollback. We have to think in a good way to treat a situation like you described, it is an important context, thanks for your report.