Does TrueSync fit a Worms-Style game

I just heard about TrueSync. However, I already know PUN.

My current project is a Worms-like game. So it's turn-based and only one player is taking action at one time. I think TrueSync could fit this game, since it doesn't require a lot of actions over the network.

What do you guys think? Would you recommend TrueSync?

For those who don't know Worms (I guess everybody knows):

Thank you for your opinion on this!



  • If you expect people to be connected from the beginning to the end(As opposed to taking their turn going back to work and then later taking their next turn after someone else took their turn). But it is an easy way to reduce the network traffic you need and make the game run smoothly without needing corrections from a master. Only downside I see is a worms game could support games that span days in a turn based scenario like chess where you play every time you pull out your phone but it would be hard to build your own physics system like truesync and your own fixed point math system. So I would say yes! use truesync.
  • SoBiT
    edited January 2017
    It isn't turn based like this. The players should stay connected through the whole game, which may be about 10 - 20 minutes.

    I just thought about the terrain. The terrain can be destructed by explosions and so on. So the terrain needs to be in sync between all connected players. Is this a thing TrueSync can handle or should I use PUN and make the terrain a network object?
  • Hi @SoBiT and thanks @Zergleb, TrueSync is a good fit for you, it will handle a lot of details to give you a synced game over network. Unfortunately, in case of the terrain, we have a few problems with the physics engine over polygon colliders, for irregular shapes (which is normal for worms-like games) we are getting some not expected behaviours. We are working to solve that, but it is a issue that right now will bother you.