OnPhotonPlayerConnected not called back on non master clients?


I have a strange behavior with OnPhotonPlayerConnected event.
The the client who created the room successfully receive OnPhotonPlayerConnected event, but the others who joined the room does not. The log's last few entries are:
Registered PhotonView ...
queueIncomingCommand() ...
OperationResponse 252: ReturnCode: 0.

On the master client the log's last few entries are:
Registered PhotonView ...
OnEvent: Event 253.

Where should I start to investigate the problem?


  • Ok. I figured it out. Please delete this topic.
  • Hi @Cyb
    I faced the same problem!
    How could you be able to fix this problem?
    Please kindly give me a help
  • CybCyb
    Hi @sweetmei25
    1. It was a long time ago and I don't remember all the details about that problem :smile:
    2. There is a PUN v2 now but I haven't read the docs, anyway I peek my old code so the long story short:
    callback OnPhotonPlayerConnected is used only for remote players who connect to master client. All other clients simply joins the room so in my case I used callback OnJoinedRoom and do the nessesary stuff e.g. instantiate network player etc.
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