Connectivity Problem


We have used the unity networking plugin to implement Photon networking in our recent project and the project is working perfectly when photon is run on the localhost.

However, upon deployment of the Photon Server on our remote server we are experiencing strange connectivity issues, we first tried to run Photon Server on our Amazon Web Services EC2 hosted server, opened the following required ports:

UDP: 5055, 5056, 5057
TCP: 4530, 4531, 4532, 4520, 843, 943

We also changed the PublicIPAddress in Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config for the two GameServers.

It worked perfectly on many internet connections but then a lot of our users reported not being able to connect to the game, the client would keep on trying to connect but never succeed. Upon investigation we found that the problem is dependent on the internet connection since using the same PC you could connect to the game on one internet connection and fail on another.

We then moved the Photon Server to another server hosted elsewhere, opened the same ports and configured it and now some of the users who couldn't connect before can now connect but to our amazement some of the users who could previously connect are not able to connect now.

When a connection is not possible no error messages are logged in the Unity console, not even the "no valid crossdomain policy was found" we used to get before opening the required ports. the variables PhotonNetwork.connectionState and PhotonNetwork.connectionStateDetailed remain in the "Connecting" state for a while and then they suddenly change to the following states:
PhotonNetwork.connectionState : Disconnected
PhotonNetwork.connectionStateDetailed : PeerCreated

Both Amazon server and the other server have Windows firewall turned off and the fact that some users can connect successfully means that the ports are open so it can't be a server side problem, yet in the same time the same PC using the same internet connection could connect to one of the servers but not the other so its not a firewall issue on the user side either.

What's even stranger is that the second server we tried was actually used to run Photon Server 2 for another game that we developed before the Unity Networking Plugin and Photon Server 3 was out and it worked perfectly without any of our users reporting any connectivity issues. We stopped Photon Server 2 on that server and installed Photon Server 3 to try it with our new project.

Sorry for the long thread but we are getting frustrated over the issue and looking forward for your help.