TrueSync performance on mobile

Hello there,
this is my first post so I firstly want to say - TrueSync is a really exciting product!
It is exactly what I was looking for, and I am glad to see it is getting improvements and progressing so quickly.

I am still in the process of deciding if I will use it for my game, and so far I like everything I see. There could always be more documentation and examples but I am sure it will come with time!

I was able to re-create basic functionality of my game the only thing I noticed was that on mobile (iPhone 5) game was severely lagging. I had around 50 balls bouncing. It worked perfect on Desktop.
Is this a known problem (or am I messing something up)? If it is a problem - are there any plans to solve it?
I ask this because my primary platform is mobile.


P.S. Great job on creating on a deterministic physics engine guys! I look forward debugging the game using replays :smiley:


  • Kreso
    edited January 2017
    I don't know why it didn't occur to me before - but I turned on the profiler and it says it takes sometimes up to 0.5 seconds for TrueSync's FixedUpdate. Still not sure though if I am doing something wrong or is there space for improvement on TrueSync's end? Thank you!
  • Hello @Kreso, thank you very much for your feedback, we are always improving TrueSync, sure it will be well documented and will have more example cases in the future. To do a deterministic engine we need to make math over a cross-platform fixed point number, this is one of our main penalties about perfomance, and it gets worse on mobile as you noticed. We have plans to improve that part but it is gonna take some time.
  • Kreso
    edited January 2017
    Thank you @JeffersonHenrique , I appreciate your answers.

    Do you think this would have same effect on the consoles? I imagine so, but I don't have a console to try it on right now.

    EDIT: just tried on an iPad Air 2 and it worked OK. That gives me hope! :)
  • Hi @Kreso,

    We hope so too, it should improve it.