Can't get into same room with iOS SDK and PUN SDK


We are trying to connect two users to the same room using Realtime: one of them from a native iOS app with Realtime SDK and the other one from a PC with Unity and PUN. They both connect to Realtime but they're are assigned different game servers. We have checked that App ID, App version and Lobby (null, default) are the same, and we have tried with both random join and specific room methods. What can we doing wrong? Aren't these two clients compatible?



  • Hi @cncrew,

    Please check my post on the other thead by @ricardocaste.
  • When mixing PUN with other Photon clients, then you need to account for the fact that PUN adds its own version to the app version that is set by you.

    The related PUN code can be found in NetworkingPeer.cs:
    protected internal string AppVersion
        get { return string.Format("{0}_{1}", PhotonNetwork.gameVersion, PhotonNetwork.versionPUN); }
    So if you set the appVersion to "1" in PUN and use PUN version 1.80, then you should set the appVersion in the native iOS client to "1_1.80".

    Aside from that: Be aware that PUN registers a few Unity-related classes as Custom Types. That allows serialization of a Vector3 but you need to check the CustomTypes.cs of PUN to support this in LoadBalancing (in your case, the native iOS app).
    Also make sure the clients are on the same region.
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