A lot of crashes in Photon C++ SDK version 1.4.5


After upgrading to the newest version 1.4.5 C++ SDK, I have a lot of crashes with iOS devices and some matching problems with Android.
Now I have to revert to the previous version to avoid these crashes.
This is where it gets crashes.


  • Hi @guipong.

    There has never been a SDK with that version number and if there would have been, then it would be about 10 years old, way before both, iOS and Android, even started to exist, so I assume that this number is a typo.

    So, what SDK version are you actually talking about? maybe or If it is the former, then please update to the latter and check if those issues persist.

    If you experience these crashes with, then could you please give us more information?
    Can this be reproduced with one of our demos? If yes, then how?
  • Hi @Kaiserludi ,

    Sorry about that. The right version is
    I will try with version and see if it has that problem.
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