Connection issues after upgrading license

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Hi, Tobias, I'm sure you can remember me from our heated email discussions (ciresft). Anyway, our trial license ran out today, so I replaced it with our new indie license we purchased, but now it won't let me connect to the server. When I attempt a UDP connection it says Connection reset by Peer, and TCP says Connection refused. The only thing I've done is replace the license file. Does this have something to do with our IP address? I know we were asked to supply an external IP address for generation of the indie license. I wouldn't think that would be a problem, especially since I'm connecting internally.

My only Photon log output is this:
3880: 15:48:45.0843 - ---
3880: 15:48:45.0843 - Server Starting...
3880: 15:48:45.0843 - Config File: C:\...It's a secret...\PhotonSocketServer.xml
3880: 15:48:45.0890 - Not using performance counters as they are not currently installed. Run the service with /InstallCounters to install them.
3880: 15:48:46.0750 - Photon host runtime loaded
3880: 15:48:46.0781 - License is valid.
3880: 15:48:46.0781 - Licensed for 50 concurrent connections.
3880: 15:48:48.0765 - Adding TCP listener on : 4530 with a listen backlog of: 150

And my server appears to be running correctly based on its log output, I just can't connect to it.

OKAY, I've just loaded the other log file and it's telling me that the only valid IP address is our external address. So how can I get this to work?


  • Boris
    Hi Ayrik.

    I noticed your log doesn't say anything about UDP. It should look like this:
    5584: 14:44:25.0583 - Adding TCP listener on : 4530 with a listen backlog of: 150
    5584: 14:44:25.0583 - UDP address specified as: adding listener to each available IPv4 address
    5584: 14:44:25.0586 - Adding UDP listener on : 5055 with a listen backlog of: 500
    5584: 14:44:25.0586 - Adding UDP listener on : 5055 with a listen backlog of: 500

    Did you check the PhotonSocketServer.xml?
    There should be an entry like this:

    Hope that helps.

  • Tobias
    Is the public IP directly bound to your machine's network adapter? In that case it's just a matter of setup. In the PhotonSocketServer.xml we entered as blank IP, which causes the server to run on *all* connected IPs alike. With the license bound to one IP, you need to replace by your public IP, which must match that in the license.

    Sorry about the different logs for this!

    We are almost finished with a (liberal) monitor for floating licenses (without IP binding). Still, the setup for a single IP makes sense as you don't listen on more IPs than intended.
  • This doesn't make any sense. So it's not trying to use the external IP address for this? We can't use our internal IP address for the machine it's on, because it frequently changes. How am I supposed to set this up? Why is it that you guys are so protective over this software, when it should clearly be marked as BETA?

    Please can someone send me an unlimited time-limit 10 concurrent connection development license so I can make my software, test it on several machines (to test my cluster) and not worry about the IP addresses? I promise you guys if we complete this project we will purchase very many 500 CCU licenses.
  • Tobias
    You can always talk to us and we will always try to help anyone with licenses and everything. Just let us know.

    Maybe there was a misunderstanding.
    Bought licenses are currently either bound to an IP or a hardware ID (you chose) and they will run only on hardware that matches these requirements. This means licenses should only run on one machine and not multiple times in a cloud. Each license is for one server instance.

    The server is by default configured to use any available IP on your machine. If a machine has multiple network adapters (IPs), Photon is listening on each. This is fine for the trial and makes things easier.
    A license is only valid for a single (public) IP. The default setup still tells Photon to use any available IP and this might cause your issue: you don't have a license for those internally used IPs.
    To avoid this, Photon must be configured by the .xml file which defines to use only a single IP. This way, possible internal IPs are ignored.

    In the pipeline (almost done) is support for a new "floating license". More in a week or so.
  • dreamora
    Tobias wrote:
    In the pipeline (almost done) is support for a new "floating license". More in a week or so.

    Looking forward to hear about that.